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If you walk through your front door at night feeling drained of energy, you might be quick to blame that exhaustion on your job or some other place outside the home. More often than not, the problem is actually inside your home...

Written BY

Vanessa Pacheco

Chief Executive Officer

March 18, 2022

Clutter. It’s an energy vampire and if you let it, it will drain you dry. Thankfully, there’s a solution. 

A well-organized home is going to be an energy booster, giving you back time and even money. 

“You would think getting organized is really easy, but there’s a lot that goes into turning a mess into a masterpiece,” says Vanessa Pacheco, Chief Executive Officer of Simply Neat. 

Pacheco approaches organizing like an artist. The space is her canvas and the items in it are her paint. 

“Everything starts with an inventory,” she explains. “Then I build a plan and it has to be sustainable, because if you can’t keep it going, then it will not be helpful.”

Sustainability is the key and it’s going to require buy-in from the entire family. 

“When you are truly organized, you’re making a lifestyle change,” Pacheco notes. “With that lifestyle change comes a sense of peace; knowing where everything is and where it goes. Although it will take some time to get it started, once a system is in place, it’s going to change your life.” 

Although every home is different, the average project requires roughly two-weeks from beginning to end. 

“After I complete the inventory, I start working the space, taking measurements, to figure out what needs to be added to it to make it functional. That could include storage bins, shelves, or other items that will help define the space. After I get those items, I come back and begin to put it all in place.” 

The result will be more than just aesthetically pleasing, it will include a system that will help your family keep it organized. 

“Vanessa organized my laundry room,” a client recalls. “One day a friend came over and she needed a paint brush. I didn’t know if I had one. Typically I would have just gone out and bought a new one at Target rather than going and looking for one. I could never find anything before. Instead, I went to the laundry room because I knew there was a box that said ‘painting’ in there. I never looked in it before I opened it up and there was a paintbrush in there. I didn’t even know I had one! After we were done using it, I gave it to my son and told him to go and put it back in the box.”

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