About SimplyNeat

SimplyNeat is a hands-on organization service that helps its clients bring about a lifestyle change by providing them with a clean, organized living space. Upon hiring, we will begin by creating a long lasting plan for the client, cleaning the space and then reassessing the organizational needs. During this process, we will help the family or business owners recognize simple ways to keep the area organized.

Meet the team

Vanessa Pacheco
Chief Executive Officer

Vanessa Pacheco was born and raised in Venezuela. Since she was a little girl it was her nature to have everything neatly organized and clean. She used to organize her toys by type and color which she realizes now is quite uncommon for most children, and even grown ups for that matter. For the majority of people, cleaning and organizing is a task, something that has to be done. For Vanessa, it brings her satisfaction. Vanessa knows how important it is to feel safe and comfortable in whatever space you occupy. Now she wants to use her passion to help you fall in love with your home again and empower you to keep it that way.

Juliana Hernandez
Chief Financial Officer

Juliana Hernandez is the business owner of CPA Accounting Solutions, LLC. Being very well recognized in her industry, Juliana successfully helps businesses solve their financial and tax issues. Juliana and Vanessa are best friends, and Juliana has always admired the passion Vanessa has for organizing and making others happy. Vanessa used her expertise to help Juliana keep a life work balance and after doing so Juliana was convinced that Vanessa would be the most successful at helping others accomplish the same. For that reason, Juliana signed on to serve as the CFO and CPA for SimplyNeat. She’s confident this level of service will help others find the balance and harmony that she’s been able to enjoy thanks to SimplyNeat.

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Simple Changes for a neater life
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